Facts About Wisconsin Real Estate License Course

Facts About Wisconsin Real Estate License Course

Passing the State licensing exam is one of the requirements for getting a salesperson license in Wisconsin. Candidates must complete a 72-hour approved pre-licensing education within four years before applying for their license.

People get into real estate in Wisconsin for different reasons. For instance, some think that it’s a flexible career, while others explore the market because of the potential to gain massive financial rewards.

Whatever the motivation, starting a successful real estate career in Washington can be tough. So, learn these essential facts you need to know about the Wisconsin real estate license course and the exam.

72-Hour Wisconsin Real Estate License Course

Real Estate U is an accredited online school that provides a 72-hour interactive Wisconsin real estate license course for those looking to grab their salesperson license in easy ways. Students have a better pass rate than the national average of 52%.

That means you stand a good chance of passing your Wisconsin real license exam on your first attempt if you attend RealEstateU. Many students love the ability to study at their own pace and secure their license 100% online.

Compare the packages, and try the full course risk-free for 30 days. Real Estate U will offer you a refund if you are not satisfied for any reason but completed less than 50% of the program.

Experienced real estate professionals in Wisconsin teach the Wisconsin 72-hour real estate course, which helps you learn everything you need to know to pass the Wisconsin real estate license exam.

How Hard is the Wisconsin Real Estate Exam?

The difficulty of the exam depends on your knowledge, preparation, and familiarity with topics treated in the Wisconsin real estate classes. Some crucial areas that the Wisconsin real estate exam covers include agency laws, fair housing, business ethics, property ownership and transfer, disclosures, and other topics.

Your knowledge of these subjects is crucial to your success in the exam. The 140-question real estate exam is comprehensive, and it requires a solid understanding of real estate practices. Candidates are given 240 minutes (four hours) to complete the entire test and get a passing score of at least 105 out of 140.

The good news is that taking pre-licensing real estate courses in Wisconsin at Real Estate U and trying your hands on the practice questions can make the exam manageable. Overall, as with many professional licensure exams, passing the Wisconsin real estate exam requires hard work and a deep understanding of the topics involved. However, you have a good chance to make it. Many students graduate with flying colors each year by dedicating enough time to master the real estate classes in Wisconsin.

How Many Times Can You Retake the Wisconsin Real Estate License Exam?

If you fail the test on your first attempt, you can retake the exam as many times as you want until you succeed. However, it’s worth noting that each resit requires paying the exam fee.

Although you can take the exam on multiple occasions, your pre-licensing Wisconsin real estate license course must stay valid for each attempt. That means that you risk having to retake a full pre-licensing education course if your certificate expires at a point in time.

Therefore, passing once and for all is more cost-effective.

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