How To Use Crypto OTC For USDT Over-The-Counter Trading


Crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trading entails directly trading large volumes of cryptocurrencies between parties that bypass conventional exchanges. It functions as a place where individuals, institutional investors, and businesses carry out major transactions with minimal impact on the market.

OTC is a good deal for traders that have generally big dealings. The crypto exchanges provide OTC trading desks to keep the large trades away from the exchange as the exchange may not be liquid to complete the trades. In this article, we will dig into some details about the Crypto OTC for USDT OTC trading.

What is Tether USDT?

Tether is the world’s first stablecoin. In 2014, Tether was invented as the first ever stablecoin. The backing of 1:1 states every Tether coin is backed by 1 US dollar. One of the key impacts of stablecoins on the traditional financial system is that they shift the role of ‘real-world currencies’.

Tether aims to peg the US Dollar and it is planned to be used as a tool for converting cash to digital currency. It is stated that all Tethers in circulation correspond to the amount of their reserves in U.S. Dollars.

What Is Crypto OTC?

Crypto OTC trading platforms offer direct trades, usually supporting different currencies and providing a secure and private atmosphere for all the players.OTC crypto trading platforms provide a solution for large crypto trades by providing personalized services that ensure the deal’s confidentiality for high-volume traders.

The trading platforms for Crypto OTC may support a large range of cryptocurrencies, including USDT. The trading exchanges make it possible to make large transfers in a confidential and customized way.

Crypto OTC trading is preferred for its capacity to process big orders with less price slippage, thus giving an alternative to exchange-based trading for those who demand privacy and personalized services.

Reasons For Using Crypto OTC

Cryptocurrency is a well-known concept that has huge investors and traders. Trading with the OTC exchanges makes the transactions, trades, and exchanges much more secure and transparent. The reasons for the crypto OTC markets are as follows

Direct Large Cryptocurrency Transactions

Perform large cryptocurrency deals with your counterparty parties directly without using traditional exchanges.

Reduced Market Impact

Avoid price slippage and reduce the market impact of large transactions, hence better trade execution prices.

Tailored Services

Take advantage of personalized services such as trade facilitation, settlement, and additional support tailored to move bulk goods.

Cryptocurrency Variety

Look into crypto cross-trading, apart from USDT Tether, and consider expanding your Crypto OTC platform options.


Make large transactions secure by using the discrete and private setting of Crypto OTC trading platforms.

How does OTC (Over-The-Counter) Exchange work?

There are two types of OTC desks: leadership and influence.

A principal desk is a party that plays the role of a liquidity provider to the buyer by funding it to purchase the required asset.

The client can accept the offer at that price or counter it with a reasonable bid. The OTC runs ready to source and provide the needed USDT to the buyer once the buyer agrees to the proposed price as had been earlier agreed in a contract.

Given agency desks don’t have to undertake market risk as an intermediary but rather act on behalf of clients with their funds for transactions. In this case, they serve as agent acting for the buyer’s side in a deal. They will charge a commission for the introduction to lenders.

Importance Of Crypto OTC Desks

Crypto OTC desks facilitate trade for large investors (including early adopters, high net-worth individuals, and institutional investors), whereby they can execute large block trades without the need to alert the market about their intention to buy or sell.

If you want to sell 100 USDT Tether in a crypto exchange, you will face many problems. Another challenge is that the chances of seeing a person selling that much at one time on a single exchange are almost zero.

You must decide to place orders with multiple sellers. The following issue is that you can cost some of the products and make the purchases at a much higher price. However, you can play around with that and spread the purchase over different exchanges, but this will take much more time and cost you dramatically. Furthermore, you would have the whole market know that you are a big buyer or seller, which will result in an execution price that is not good. Crypto OTC Dubai desks reduce the risk and uncertainty for investors who want to buy or sell large crypto volumes.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Crypto OTC Desk

These are some of the advantages and pitfalls of employing OTC crypto desks.


Some of the USDT OTC trading benefits are as follows!

Transactional Privacy

Crypto OTC trading connects a buyer to the seller and vice versa through an OTC broker. Not broadcasting large trade amounts can impact the cryptocurrency prices you are trading.

Combat Price Volatility

Finding a quantity of cryptocurrency on a typical exchange may take a long time to process a transaction, and the price liquidity may change. Slippage is when the asset price exceeds the intended price due to market volatility. OTC deals provide a way to buy assets on the private market at a fixed price.


When trading at a regular crypto exchange, there is no room for bargaining you can. However, place an order, accept/reject one, or try countering an OTC desk.


When trading in USDT you also need to know about the drawback; which is as follows!

Counterparty Default Risk

The risk of a counterparty defaulting if you are trading with an over-the-counter trading desk is a major concern. You may be dealing with only one counterparty that may fail to complete your transaction before it closes down.


In summary, OTC crypto trading is a method of trading that occurs directly between two counterparties. It offers several advantages, including the ability to execute big trades without moving the market and more privacy. OTC trading will be the right fit to trade large quantities of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto enthusiasts who want to buy USDT in Dubai are encouraged to trade in the OTC crypto market. Almost all investors keep to avoid the market moving against them their dealings off the exchange order books when they want to transact.

We suggest you do thorough research on the market, the cryptocurrencies you want to trade, and even the OTC exchange. Doing proper research will protect you from common mistakes and failures in crypto trading and exchanging.

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