Alibaba Academy For Women Entrepreneurs Has Been Launched

Ali Baba

(CTN News) – An Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) has been launched by in Europe as part of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).

The initiative, which is spearheaded by Alibaba’s B2B platform, aims to support female entrepreneurship and promote gender equality in the business world. describes AWE as a program designed to provide free advanced education and networking opportunities for female business owners, entrepreneurs, or co-owners throughout Europe as part of its advanced business education program.

An analysis of female entrepreneurs across Europe conducted by Alibaba revealed significant barriers for them to succeed in business: 94 percent cited societal expectations and gender stereotypes as major barriers to business leadership, while more than 60 percent stated that gender was one of the primary causes of failure for their businesses.

To eliminate disparities, we must address the following: has created the AWE initiative to address these disparities, which offers advanced educational training, mentoring, and networking opportunities for female business owners or co-owners of companies.

During the Academy’s inaugural year, it will welcome forty companies led by women from all over Europe to participate in its programs.

The students will engage in a variety of modules over the course of the program covering several topics such as leadership, negotiation, strategy, business and financial models, funding, and communications. says the event will offer the opportunity for participants to interact with a dynamic community of industry leaders, investors, mentors, and organizations committed to increasing gender equality in decision making.

Knowledge and tools for the job

As a result of increasing competition with Amazon in Europe,, the international B2B marketplace of the Alibaba Group, is making targeted efforts to attract European SMEs. There is no doubt that the platform knows its ambition to champion gender equality in the business world.

We believe that by providing women entrepreneurs with access to the tools and knowledge they need to empower themselves, we can ultimately contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous global economy by supporting women entrepreneurs to become more successful.” This statement was made by Michela Rubegni, the company’s marketing director for Europe.


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